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TechnologiesFlash, AS3, AIR

A financial calculator for independent financial advisers to graphically show retirement funding to their clients.

A IFA will get the application, input the users income, then ask for the user to calculate their spending. After that from seeing their potential spending, we can estimate how much you can put into your pension. You want to balance your available income tank with your investment tank. It then show you your retirement income you will achieve.

You can save and load client profiles. Then review it the following year. Tax values and calculations are upgradable via a sever, and we added an export PDF feature. Which will create a PDF and let you email it from the application.

This was quite an early Adobe AIR application. A lot of effort was used to try and optimise as much as we could for the original iPad, and tweaking the design to prevent full screen transitions but fill it with smaller but nice looking animations.