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Tweet ‘N Grow

ClientTweet 'N Grow

PlatformsWeb, iOS, Android

TechnologiesFlash, AS3, AIR

This is a virtual pet game but with plants developed for Kew Gardens.

You register an account and you can begin growing virtual plants. You water, feed or apply sun to help grow your plant and keep it happy. Over the days your plant grows, but don’t neglect it too long or eventually it might wither and die.

There are eight challenging plants to maintain which unlock as you progress. Each plant has a different temperament to get used to indicated by their environment, or in the fact sheets supplied with each plant.

The game also incorporates and twitter boost which takes tweets sent about your plants to fill your boost jar. Which you can then apply to you game. Of course, this part is completely optional and you don’t have to have a twitter account to complete the game.

In this game I produced all the flash AS3 programming. As well as the prototype of how the plants should act over time (which was eventually converted to PHP). The most challenging aspect of this game was testing the game over many days. We build small test builds with time speed up, but it became hard to see if the game would or wouldn’t be fun in real time.